What is Codex and What Does it Have a Hand In?

What is Codex and What Does it Have it’s Hands In?

Codex Alimentarius, known as Codex for short, is a misunderstood and very powerful food organization that even a lot of congressmen have not heard of. The commission claims that it exists to protect the health of consumers, and that it works to ensure fair trade practices and to coordinate food standards work. Codex is regulated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Codex started life in 1893, when the Austria-Hungarian empire looked to form a set of guidelines that the courts could agree upon regarding food. They wrote a set of mandates that were followed until 1918 when the empire collapsed. The UN then met in 1962 and agreed that Codex should be reinstated, as a way to protect consumers.

In 2002, WHO and FAO held that they had concerns about the direction of Codex, and they brought in an external consultant. The consultant recommended that Codex be scrapped, and at that point the food industry realized how powerful and influential the organisation was, and they collectively pushed to produce a toned down report, highlighting just 20 concerns.


Since then, Codex, surrendered its role as a public health and consumer protection organization, and it now looks to increase profits for the corporate juggernauts, and control the food supply.

What is Codex and What Does it Have a Hand In?

The United States has a dominant role in determining the agenda of the Codex, and they are looking to push their agenda regarding GMOs and nutrition. This should be concerning when it is considered that the Codex meetings are held in the US, and people from a number of countries that want to participate in Codex meetings are often denied visas to enter the US so they cannot raise their concerns about the direction of the mandates.

There are some real concerns regarding salmonella, food shortages and global warming, but there are other concerns. Codex is looking to create legislation regarding the use of growth hormones and pesticides. It wants to irradiate foods. It wants to control the nutrient content of foods, and promote the use of GMOs.

Over the last several years, they have controlled supplementation, and they are even looking to place restrictions on drinking water and it’s treatment. What makes all of this particularly scary, now, is that as Trump has come into office a lot of information on government maintained websites has been modified or removed, making it hard to find out what the FDA and other organizations are doing. Any information that does not support the government’s agenda is being systematically taken down. Anything that might alarm or concern the population in any way is being hidden, so it’s not easy to verify or learn more about what Codex is working on.

This means that the food supply is in the hands of a body that we know very little about the inner workings of. We cannot control Codex, all we can do is speak out about our concerns.