MD's Healers or Drug Dealers

MD’s: Healers or Drug Dealers?

The War on Drugs has taken a mind-blowing twist when those we entrust with our health could be the ones doing us the most harm. According to figures printed in the the 2000 Journal of the American Medical Association, throughout the 1990’s over 225,000 people were killed due to their medical treatment. (

It’s even more impacting to consider that these statistics only account for actual deaths while the numbers of those injured due to their medical treatment is far higher. Over 1.3 Million Americans are injured each year due to errors in their medical prescriptions.

This goes to highlight a growing sentiment that something is not right in modern medicine. It feels that the medical practice is filled with a mindless segment of the educated class. Medical education has been compared to a process of taking intelligent minds and binding them to the will of their Rockefeller funded schools and then categorically filled with preoccupations and concerns beyond the simple health of their patients.

The health and medical system has become an institution where doctors are not much more than legal drug dealers that hardly have the time to wonder at the majesty of the human body and find the slow and ultimately healthy path to better health.

It is far easier to fill out a prescription as you shuffle through the ever-increasing multitudes of sick and dying. Do we wondering why there are more and more unhealthy people in our society as we continue with these “conventional” approaches to medicine?

A doctor that would be promoting better health today would be one that encourages a healthier lifestyle. Better health is not a commodity that should be instantly gratified but cultivated over a lifetime.

And who profits from this malpractice? The big pharmaceutical companies are making a killing out of churning out order after order of every toxic drug to suit (but not actually cure) any illness. It is a well known fact that extended use of synthetic medical solutions is associated with liver and kidney damage and a host of other horrendous conditions.

It almost seems like a twisted criminal organization took over the health and medical community and reorganized it like your typical drug gang. You’ve got the pharmaceutical companies churning out quality products for your dealers, in this case our “Health Care Providers”, to sell to the junkies who finance the business.

MD's Healers or Drug Dealers

Then it has to look legit you so you have a scathing initiation ceremony called medical education that justifies all the harm. Then you have regular medical journals which tell the government and the country what is considered healthy, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And then you get the FDA to stamp their approval on whatever the medical community decides is healthy. It’s the worst con this world has ever known and they’re holding your health and the health of everyone you know and love hostage.

So what can we do? Take responsibility for your own health. Avoid foods you know are unhealthy, get plenty of exercise and take the bigger picture approach to health conditions. If you are an insomniac, for example, try to address the underlying causes of your restlessness before taking the synthetic approach.

This is not the kind of advice that a doctor is going to provide. It would go against everything they have studied, lived and stood for. Furthermore, all that junk they get you to put in your body will keep you coming back for more and more.