My name is Marcy and as a kid, I was always a little different than the others. For one thing, I was always sick. I caught every cold, fever or flu that went around, I had psoriasis all over, I was allergic to everything and the smallest amount of exercise would send me into an asthma attack requiring the use of my ever-present inhaler. As I result I spent more time voraciously reading everything I could get my hands on and at a reading level several years beyond my actual age, than I did playing with other kids. But I was the same as the other kids in one way. I subsisted on a diet of squishy white bread and processed meat. Sugar bomb, colorful, refined breakfast cereals, and lots of white rice, pasta, and cheese. If we did eat a vegetable it came from a can and tasted like the defeated thoughts of a middle-aged man who had given up on life. I hated them. And I thought I hated all vegetables.

As I grew older and my reading choices became more mature, I slowly noticed a link between the foods I was eating and the way I felt. As I read about immunizations and questioned my mother about the beginning of my immune system issues, I realized that there seemed to be a direct link to the timing of when I had received a certain immunization, and when my immune system became so crippled that it responded aggressively to everything… and then I realized… I had not been born this way. I had been born healthy and vibrant. Immunizations had crippled me and nutrition-less food had kept me sick. And thus, I began my great experiment.

I researched everything I could, I met with and interviewed nutritionists and naturopaths, I began experimenting with fresh un-canned vegetables and replaced squishy refined wheat bread with home cooked pseudo grains like millet, buckwheat, and quinoa. I stopped eating sweets and vegetable oils and fried and fast food. And I discovered something amazing. I didn’t hate vegetables. The truth was I had never been acquainted with real vegetables. It wasn’t only the flavor that I loved, I felt clean for the first time in my life. And I hadn’t even realized I had felt dirty before. Cutting out poison foods and introducing real foods made my body feel more awake, more mobile. My head felt clear. I could think better, I wasn’t sneezing and my eyes weren’t watering. The asthma attacks took longer but after a year of eating real foods and avoiding industry poison, I could hike, skip and run without an asthma attack. I had my life back!

This has been a very emotional transition for me. Particularly realizing that all those years I had spent sick and not able to play with other kids… that was something that had been taken from me by greedy, short-sighted, leaders of industries that are intended to protect and safeguard us. I hope that this blog will help others to wake up. To open their eyes to the fact that the health industry does not care about your health, nor does the food industry care about your nutrition. The food industry will make you sick, and when your body cries out for help, a doctor will stuff a sock in its mouth and tie its hands down and claim that he has fixed the problem because it can no longer cry. You are your only advocate, and your only weapons are knowledge and choice.